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Today i am going to speak about Alejandro Sanz. He was born the
18th of November, 1968. He is songwriter and a spanish musician.
He has sold over 25 million copies of their albums worldwide. He 
have got twelve albums.

                         His most famous song is called corazón partío:

          He has made a song dedicated to his son called capitán tapón:


His themes are a reflection of his soul, what he wants to sing, not what others want to hear. Alejandro Sanz music is a feeling, a passion cultivated since childhood. 
Alejandro Sanz has got four childrens: Dylan Sánchez Perera, Alexander Sanchéz Rivera, Manuela Sánchez Michel and Alma Sánchez Perera.


Diez mil maneras

David Bisbal he was born in ( Almeria ) he in 5/6/1979. He reached popularity through operation triumph in 2001.
 7 390 000 certified albums of 77 Platinum and 2 gold medals, of which 3 000 000 34 points correspond as soloist.
Also the representative of Eurovision Song Contest representing Spain in 2001.
Their record album had 1000000 sales both Spain and in Mexico and he won the prize waves the singer revelation.
Also appeared on several programs of television as the voice and voice kids in Spain, Mexico and the Netherlands.
And came out in an Argentine soap opera as a guest

Porta the rapper

Christian Jimenez nicknamed Porta, he is a Spanish rapper.He was born in Barcelona.Some of this albums are:
Algo ha cambiado,Reset,Trastorno Bipolar o en Boca de tantos. And these are some of his songs:

Cree en tí,Tras el cristal,La bella y la bestia,Palabras mudas o Voces en mi interior. My favourites song are: La bella y la bestia and Sindrome de Peter Pan. I like Porta because their songs have important messages and I like because your songs speak the life or love,I like  the way he treats his fans.Here are two of his song:


Thanksfor read my work about Porta

The King Of Reggaeton


                                    NICKY JAM
* Biography

Nick Rivera Caminero, known as Nicky Jam, was born in 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a very famous reggaeton singer.

* His story

He started rapping when he was very little. One day, he was singing in a supermarket and a executive director signed a recording contract. At the age of 11, Nick recorded his first album. In 1990 he met Daddy Yankee and they sang together. In 2000 he moved to Medellín and his career suffred a decline. He gained popularity in 2014 with his songs Travesuras and Hoy voy a beber. He sang with Enrique Iglesias in 2015. They made a song that was very succesful, El perdón. This song was very famous in many countries, like Spain, France, Portugal and Germany, and it won the Grammy Latin Awards 2015.
He currently has 8 albums. Some of them are:
  •  "Haciendo Escante" (2001)
  • "Salón De La Fama"(2003)
  • "Vida Escante" (2004)
  • "Vida Escante" - Special edition- (2005)
For more information click here .

His most famous hits are:
                                                                                    - " Hasta el amanecer"- (2016)

     - " El perdón"- (2015) 
     *He sings this song with Enrique Iglesias.*

Martin Garrix

This person is a very famous DJ of the world, his name real is martijn garritsen, Martin learned to play guitar when he was 8, his success started when he released his song animals , his genre of music is electro generally. He was born 14 of May of 1996, He is from Amstelveen in Netherlands, he works of record producer, musician, composer and DJ, to read his biography click here

He is Martin garrix

Some of their songs are:
Forbidden Voices
Turn off the speakers

Some of the videos of these songs are:

I recommend it because is a good DJ in my opininion.

This passion is part of my Life

 Japanese Music

I am going to write about Japanese music because i love their culture through music, as it is relaxing and especially because the Japanese music or in other words, or the traditional music that is called hougaku in Japan also makes music for the mood and also they make songs for the opening which is the beginning of Japanese animation that is typically Japanese series, there are also a lot of Japanese songs or music translted into Spanish or into another language. 

Traditional Japanese music that there is called Komuso, it is in particular a music for meditation or to rest with yourself (meditation). People who sing in Japanese have a really soft and sweet voice, that makes you want to listen to it. There are lots of songs you might like more or less for the rhythmic or way of singing and these are some of Japan´s most famous songs: Souma bon uta, Hanagasa ondo, Nanbu Ushioi Uta, Sakura Sakura.

Traditional Costumes

The Kimonos are a big part when singning, because they give more animation to the song. The are usually long with a big bow around the waist, with soft or intense colours with flowers...

Traditional Instrumel

One of some instruments is the shell o crown there as horagai, this instrument is one of my favourites in Japan, because although it has 3 or 4 different notes it has a fantastic melody it is to play music to relax, for example for the budists.

Sakura Sakura
Sakura Sakura  it is be of the songs i love because a part from being dedicated to the children as title indicate cherry flower, it was composed specially for the the spring and in Japan it is very important this song like the meaning of japan

Write the song:

The song Anime

The Anison has an important role in the japanese music as said before, this type of music is used in the anime, with the first of the episode (opening) with inside, or until the capitule finish (ending)

The openings that i love are the first because when you hear it you feel on your hearing the heart beat and when you keep listening the melody is even prettier, what it says what it tries to transmit and the other is also one of my favourite this is more active. It matches with the grapthics or animation, and the song (the lyrics) expresses a lot.

The firts opening is Angel Beats!:

The second opening is Swort art online:

My opinion of all the above is  that i recommend you, from my experience, the it has Japanese music for all the good things that it has it is calming good , sweet but i like the most the Anison

A Latin heart.

David Bisbal Ferré is a famous international Spanish singer. He was born on the 5th of June 1979 in Almeria. This successful man began to be popular in 2001 when he took part in a new TV show known as 'Operacion Triunfo'. David didn't win this competition. However he signed a very important contract with one of the most prestigious music companies 'Vale Music'. After his first album 'Corazon Latino', David Bisbal has recorded ten more, including several DVDs. Along his musical career Bisbal has won different prizes, two Latin Grammy and two ONDAS. Also he was awarded the best Latin artist in the world.

Personal information:
  • Date of birth: 5th of June 1979
    Nationality: Spanish
    City: Almeria
  • Relationships:  Chenoa(2001-2003)
                                   Elena Tablada (2004-2011)
                                   Raquel Jiménez (2012-2013)
                                   China Suárez (2014-2015)

  • Children:  Ella Bisbal Tablada (2010)

In this link you can find and check all his albums: click here

Some songs:  




She also suffered bullying

Demetria Devonne Lovato Hart it is her real name, but everyone knows her as Demi Lovato. She was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. She is an actress, singer, composer and model. 

In 2008, she played Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock movie. In September of that same year she published her first album. In 2009, she starred in the Disney Channel series Sonny with a chance. In June 2009, she starred in the Disney Channel movie, Princess Protection Program with Selena Gómez. 
The April 1, 2013, she said the fourth album would be titled Demi. She realased the first single from Confident entiled Cool for the Summer on July 1st, 2015. Demi collaborated with Fall Out Boy in Irresistible single. Here are some of her songs:
Neon Lights
Give your heart a break
Two pieces
Without the love
Heart Attack
Made in the USA

In an interview, Demi admitted having suffered bullying. She talked about the painful experience happened. She was treated for 2 years.

Here are some of my favourites songs: 


Sia is a famous singer worldwide. She was born in australia. He attended elementary school in north adelaide.She began her career as a singer one mid 90s. He signed a contract with record label sony music sub-label of dance pool. Sia does not usually show the face of his faces, because she says she does not like to be judgeb by its beauty but as she sings, why their video appears dancing girl, and when he has used interviews as a wig that covers her face to face. In recent years launched few songs like

* Alive
* Chandelier
* Big girls cry
* Elastic heart
* Unstoppable 

one of the better voices in Spain

      This is Antonio jose he is a spanish musician he have got 20 years old .He was born in Cordoba(Palma del río) .In the 2nd of january of 1995 .He was parcitipated in 'Veo Veo' when he haved 8 years old , when he have 11 years old he participated in 'Talent-Show','Eurojunior'and 'Operacion Triunfo' and now go to ( La voz) and he won after he taked
      one disk His disk have much success because to te people like his music a lot 
      My opinion i think is a the better singer of Spain i like it soo much because his music is very good y like his voice

          Here  you have one video of him 


Kevin Roldan is a colombian singer, he sing reggaeton.
In 2013 he signed with Kapital Music. He relased his first single called "Salgamos".
Some of his most famous albums:

-Party ( remix ) ft. Nicky Jam
-Si no te enamoras
-Nadie como tu
-Me matas ft. Arcángel


This is my favourite song because I like the lyric



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The Rap God

Marshall Bruce Mathers is his real name, but everybody knows him as Eminem.
        This famous rapper was born in Detroit, U.S.A., in 1972, but it was in 1999 when he became very popular because o his album "The Slim Shady LP", a work that gave him his first Grammy.
         He is a versartile artist, on one hand he is a rapper and on the other hand he has work as an actor in the film  "8 miles"; in this film  he was the main actor and also he won an Oscar to the best soundtrack.
         His fame is worldwide, selling more than 155 millions of music albums, an successfull career that still exists in our days.
         In my opinion, Eminem is the best rapper of the world. His lyrics have marveled all rap enthusiasts like his particular way of expressing. In his musical career he has has worked whit artist like..:
 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre Rhianna, Yelawolf
 Here I leave the trailer for his film 8 miles:

The Weird Slug

  A long time ago, a very special slug named Will was born. He lived on a large forest where he heared the great sing of the birds but one day, suddenly a group of people weared with strange clothes came and chop down all the trees.

  Will never heared the birds singing again and he got depressed because he loved that music.

  A few days later the same guys came back and built a big stage, it was so noisy because every night there were a concert and Will heated it.

  He went there to try to stop that song but when he was there starts to like it. The song was Mi gran noche  of  Raphael.

   From these day Will became into a fan of Raphael and went to all his concerts.

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Mortal success

Steve Aoki is a famous DJ. He is the tenth DJ more famous in the world. He was born on the 30th of  November of 1977, in Miami. He grew up in Newport Beach, he graduated in Newport Harbor high school in 1995, he was a star player on the varsity bandminton.
His father was a former fighter, his name is Hiroaki "rocky" Aoki. He plays at Madrid Arena when the accident happened and four girls died.

He plays Electro house, Dubstep, Moombahton, Indie dance, Drum and Bass.
He removes three albums and it is these: 
  • Wonderland: tenth of January of 2012.
  • Neon Future 1: 30th of September of 2014.
  • Neon Future 2: 12th of May of 2015.
This is his web site where you find his discs and more thinks.


Una Vida Dedicada A La Musica

 His original name is julio José iglesias of the Cueva.he was born on September 23, 1943 in madrid. He got married with Isabel preysler and they had 3 children. One of them the known enrique iglesias and he  has 5 more children .he start his career of singer due to injury when he was a footballer of the Real madrid.He never imagine that given in the hospital a guitar, he will become the European singer with international success and that it would be among the 10 vendors of more disks on  sell .He has 2 awards record guiness. in 2013, he won the award at china's first international artist. He has managed all the prizes that can get a singer. Currently he has 72 years old and still giving concerts and creating new disks. There are no words to describe so many awards and so many thing that he has received throughout his life. this is his web page

The best teen style JB

Justin Bieber is my favourite singer of pop english.
He was born in Canada on March 1, 1994. He is actually 21 years.
Justin published his album debut "My World" in 2009.
His first single official was "Baby". Baby was published in 2010.
Baby was a international hit and though it's been sex years ago, is still my favorite song of all albums.
Later he published "My World 2.0" in 2010 too. He included "Baby" in "My World 2.0".
 When Justin was 17 in 2012 he took is third album "Believe". 
He published a movie called Believe too!
I thought it would be his last album but I was surprised when he announced this summer on Instagram and other social networks that in November 2015 he drew new album.
His new album is called "Purpose" and I really like it.
My favorites songs of this album are "Sorry" and "What do you mean?".
I recommend you listen to these songs because they are fantastic and motivate you when you fell bad.
Some people say Justin is an edge and believed, but they don't know Justin sometimes this very pressured by fans, concerts and others.
If Justin come to Málaga and concert tickets were not so expensive, I would go in concert with my friends. This is the official website of Justin Bieber: JB website.

This a photo when he published Baby in 2010.

And there are some photos when Justin published Believe in 2012 and Purpose in 2015.

Here you have two videos of Justin Bieber: What do you mean? and Baby.

Well I hope you liked it much and goodbye. Many kisses, Alicia :)