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 Japanese Music

I am going to write about Japanese music because i love their culture through music, as it is relaxing and especially because the Japanese music or in other words, or the traditional music that is called hougaku in Japan also makes music for the mood and also they make songs for the opening which is the beginning of Japanese animation that is typically Japanese series, there are also a lot of Japanese songs or music translted into Spanish or into another language. 

Traditional Japanese music that there is called Komuso, it is in particular a music for meditation or to rest with yourself (meditation). People who sing in Japanese have a really soft and sweet voice, that makes you want to listen to it. There are lots of songs you might like more or less for the rhythmic or way of singing and these are some of Japan´s most famous songs: Souma bon uta, Hanagasa ondo, Nanbu Ushioi Uta, Sakura Sakura.

Traditional Costumes

The Kimonos are a big part when singning, because they give more animation to the song. The are usually long with a big bow around the waist, with soft or intense colours with flowers...

Traditional Instrumel

One of some instruments is the shell o crown there as horagai, this instrument is one of my favourites in Japan, because although it has 3 or 4 different notes it has a fantastic melody it is to play music to relax, for example for the budists.

Sakura Sakura
Sakura Sakura  it is be of the songs i love because a part from being dedicated to the children as title indicate cherry flower, it was composed specially for the the spring and in Japan it is very important this song like the meaning of japan

Write the song:

The song Anime

The Anison has an important role in the japanese music as said before, this type of music is used in the anime, with the first of the episode (opening) with inside, or until the capitule finish (ending)

The openings that i love are the first because when you hear it you feel on your hearing the heart beat and when you keep listening the melody is even prettier, what it says what it tries to transmit and the other is also one of my favourite this is more active. It matches with the grapthics or animation, and the song (the lyrics) expresses a lot.

The firts opening is Angel Beats!:

The second opening is Swort art online:

My opinion of all the above is  that i recommend you, from my experience, the it has Japanese music for all the good things that it has it is calming good , sweet but i like the most the Anison

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