viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

one of the better voices in Spain

      This is Antonio jose he is a spanish musician he have got 20 years old .He was born in Cordoba(Palma del río) .In the 2nd of january of 1995 .He was parcitipated in 'Veo Veo' when he haved 8 years old , when he have 11 years old he participated in 'Talent-Show','Eurojunior'and 'Operacion Triunfo' and now go to ( La voz) and he won after he taked
      one disk His disk have much success because to te people like his music a lot 
      My opinion i think is a the better singer of Spain i like it soo much because his music is very good y like his voice

          Here  you have one video of him 

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